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Ricola Herbal Tea

The Ricola swiss herbal instant Tea is a high quality and healthy Tea that is manufactured in switzerland, it presents a range of spices and herbs in it that provide sustenance for the soul. The Tea is ideal for use during the day when morning coffee are not an option, this teapot presents won many prestigious awards for its health benefits.

Cheap Ricola Herbal Tea

This Ricola Tea provides a strong and strong flavor with a very light body, it is basic to drink because of its delicate taste. The Tea is fabricated from a blend of swiss herbs, and imparts a light, refreshing flavor, it is an exceptional substitute for a quick morning drink or for a general drink with healthy benefits. Our Ricola herbal Tea is fabricated with only the highest quality ingredients and is designed to help you relax and sleep better, the Tea is served with a sleep aid -200 g for sleep. This Tea is manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients and is designed to help you relax and sleep better, Ricola herbal Tea instant herbal is a refreshing and functional Tea that is exquisite for a morning pick-me-up. With its focus on herbal Tea extract and high levels of natural flavor, the Tea is sure to please even the most demanding Tea fans, the swiss herbal Tea is an unique blend of various swiss alchemists' plants that have been blended with the finest grade the Tea is manufactured with natural sweetener, charge washes off black the taste is sweet and vegetal with a slight sour smell. There is a small amount of green Tea extract, catechu, and lavender essential oil in the tea, the swiss herbal Tea is said to be. Ricola, herbal, tea, made, switzerland, 200, new, germany, catechu, lavender, extract, green, tea, extract, sweetener, not, charge, wash, black, taste, sweet, vegetal, sweetener, extract, catechu, spanish, tea, extract, vietnamese.