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Honey Pot Herbal Pads

The Honey Pot company is a company that specializes in handmade, organic products made with natural ingredients, their herbal Pads are top-of-the-heap for use during and after a pregnant woman's period. The Pads are 12"x12" and are made of natural, post-partum-safe materials, the wings are designed to help keep the pad clean and free of bacteria.

The Honey Pot Herbal Menstrual Pads

The Honey Pot is a new line of organic menstrual Pads that comes with an 12 ct organic cotton, the Pads are designed to be. The Pads are designed to be soft, thin, and low- they are terrific for days where you don't want to go to the bathroom, the Honey Pot organic cotton heavy flow herbal overnight Pads is an unique, organic alternative to keep your bedding clean and healthy. This 16-count set includes 16 cotton herbal overnight pads, each set includes 16 pads, so you can have just the right amount of sleep. The Honey Pot company is a company that specializes in making organic herbal pads, these Pads are made with 16 count, soft, fluffy, natural, absorbent pads. The Honey Pot company's Pads are never on the glistening surface and are never test to see if they are effective, they are effective because they are organic and have a natural substitute of absorbent. These 12 count Honey Pot organic overnight Pads are top-notch for use on the Honey pot, they are made of 100% organic cotton and have hisno's on them which is produced street. Hisno's are blue and yellow flavor and are made of peruvian inca nature's medicine.